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Carrier Grade SIP Trunking Research Report

The Eastern Management Group today announced a new research report, “Carrier Grade SIP Trunking.”  It’s the company’s second SIP trunking report in as many months. 
NEWS Eastern Management Group Announces Carrier Grade SIP Trunking Research Report 
New York, NY–The Eastern Management Group today announced a new research report, “Carrier Grade SIP Trunking.” It’s the company’s second SIP trunking report in as many months.  The other study, “2020-2027 SIP Global Market 7-Year Forecast and Analysis,” is an extensive analysis of where the SIP market is heading. 
According to Eastern Management Group, a communications research and consulting firm, global businesses with an expansive customer and prospect base, widespread offices, and work from home employees can reap rewards using carrier grade SIP trunking, a richly enabled service.
Unlike years ago, when SIP trunking was less developed, today’s public internet is generally the right choice for voice and video traffic. According to John Malone, Eastern Management Group’s CEO, “Public IP services are better suited for carrying latency-sensitive traffic like voice and video.”
The study finds all SIP trunking is not the same. Enterprises require robust carrier grade SIP trunking available from global voice carriers like BICS, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, PCCW, Tata, and Telefonica. Their SIP trunks may be somewhat more expensive than commodity priced SIP, but worth the price difference.
Enterprises using UCaaS, CCaaS, VCaaS, and CPaaS bundled software services may benefit from having their provider uncouple the software platform from the associated SIP trunks. This freedom permits enterprises to choose a SIP provider best suited to meet their requirements.
The research report addresses critical issues when selecting a SIP trunking provider, such as:
Problems with bundling
Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)
Global carrier infrastructure
Carrier operations
Network operations
Management tools 
Customer must-haves
In the report, Eastern Management Group analysts base their findings on a decade of SIP trunking research and information from numerous SIP trunking providers worldwide. 
Information about “Carrier-Grade SIP Trunking” is available from Eastern Management Group or by contacting jmalone@easternmanagement.com  or directly at +1 212 738 9402 Ext. 2201
About The Eastern Management Group: The Eastern Management Group is a global communications industry research and consulting firm.  Founded in 1979, it is one of the oldest and most experienced organizations of its kind in the world. The company headquarters is in New York.
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