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Customer Satisfaction Surveys on Dozens of Communications Providers

Communications industry customer satisfaction survey, largely shows happy customers with some room for improvement, reports The Eastern Management Group.
A new global survey of Information Technology managers, performed by the Eastern Management Group, could help technology providers tweak their customers’ overall satisfaction. That could translate into more, and longer lasting sales, according to the global research company.  

The survey of 3,000 customers, performed in January and February of 2017, measured areas where vendors truly delight their customers. And there are many, for every vendor. The study also zeroed-in on services where vendors could improve the customers’ experience.

The Eastern Management Group study examined the cradle-to-grave relationship between vendors and end users. Each customer was surveyed on their experiences and opinions, of products, purchases, and customer service.
The study found that the weakest area for providers, is often their after sales support programs. John Malone, who ran the research project for the Eastern Management Group, said “Post-sales support is a critical juncture in every vendor customer relationship. This is where the customer decides if they will remain a loyal customer, make future purchases, and refer a friend. If the vendor doesn’t get that right, that’s bad. You’ve now got a going-out-of-business business plan.” There are best-in-class models, finds the Eastern Management Group, but some providers may need to catch-up.
The project, called ‘Eastern Management Metrics’, uses customer feedback from large end-user global surveys, to quantitatively measure customer service experiences with different vendors. 
The Eastern Management Group has incorporated some of the customer satisfaction survey data in best practices reports, so vendors may improve their own operations, and maybe even tout where they excel. 

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The Eastern Management Group is a global communications research and consulting company.  Since its founding in 1979, the Eastern Management Group has focused on product, vendor, and customer, primary research studies. 

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