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NEWS UCaaS Promotions Gear Up for Customers and Resellers

Sales promotions are taking hold as UCaaS providers grow end-user sales and recruit dealers
New York, NY– In the first half of 2019, sales promotions took hold as UCaaS providers made use of these tools to grow end-user sales and recruit dealers and resellers. 

According to the Eastern Management Group’s research and consulting business, Mitel may have made the most significant use of promotions, giving free licenses, phones, a Salesforce integration plugin, and new customer connection services. “The array of promotions we are seeing today is just the beginning,” says John Malone, the Eastern Management Group CEO.

Based on the company’s experience developing promotions for communications providers, Eastern Management Group expects that all UCaaS vendors will latch onto transaction influencing drivers as a way to quickly close sales, particularly at the end of each month and quarter.

Vendors of well-established communications products and services like PBX, wireless, routing, and switching have an average of eight promotions underway at all times. Many offers are front and back end rebates, special offers, allowances, deal registration, and SPIFFs to drive sales. These promotions exist to influence transactions according to the Eastern Management Group. These promotions represent where the UCaaS industry is heading.

Because all major PBX vendors including Cisco, Avaya, Unify, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, and NEC are moving their companies to cloud offers, UCaaS promotions are taking root; no vendor will be able to avoid offering deals to pick up new customers and channel partners. According to the Eastern Management Group’s John Malone, “Promotions will become a distinguishing characteristic of each leader.” 

Information about the Eastern Management Group capabilities and studies is available from Eastern Management Group or by contacting jmalone@easternmanagement.com  or directly at +1 212 738 9402 Ext. 2201  

About Eastern Management Group: The Eastern Management Group is a global communications research and consulting company. Founded in 1979, it is one of the oldest and most experienced technology advisory firms in the world. The company headquarters is in New York.
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