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Senior Staff on Demand Research

Every communications company and IT manager needs accurate market research. It’s required in real-time, as questions arise.

Say it’s 1 PM and your team leader wants to know street pricing and rebates on a competitor’s new product, by the end of the day. Senior Staff is perfect for these questions that demand hard-to-get answers, immediately.

The problem is that custom research projects, even the smallest ones, frequently must be budgeted, and it’s often easier to have your own staff tackle the question.
Eastern Management Group has the solution. It’s Senior Staff℠ on Demand Research.

For a fixed fee annual subscription your team gets 24/7 access to our senior staff resources for research projects that require immediate answers.

We have knowledgeable researchers and analysts. Our proprietary communications databases are the oldest and largest in the industry. 
What Distinguishes Senior Staff
Annual fixed price subscription for market research
Unlimited inquiries
Immediate turnaround
Usage reports


John F. Malone

President and CEO

The Eastern Management Group, Inc.


+1 212 738 9402  Ext. 2201

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