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2020 Research Reports 
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Unified Communications 

Subscribe to the 2020 Monitor Service for Unified Communications. Five market research reports yearly. All research is primary research. Our consulting staff does all models and analysis. Unlimited free inquiry. No additional license fees ever. One low price. See our free brochure.  

 2020 CSAT Surveys  
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Cloud Communications 

Eastern Management Group surveys thousands of IT managers each year to learn all about their satisfaction with providers. Subscribe to 2020 CSAT Surveys. Six satisfaction reports: Contact Center, SBCs, PBX, VoIP Phones, SIP Trunking, and CPaaS. See our free brochure.

List Prices Street Prices and Discounts

The Eastern Management Group communications pricing database has current prices, discounts, rebates and promotions on millions of communications products, software, services and cloud communications solutions

2020 Premises and Hosted PBX Customer Satisfaction Report  

More than 4,000 IT manager customers are surveyed by the Eastern Management Group for the 2020 report. IT managers report on a range of experiences as a customer of one of 33 Premises and Hosted PBX companies evaluated....here

Session Border Controller  Customer Satisfaction Report  
More than 3,000 IT manager customers were surveyed by the Eastern Management Group for the report. IT managers reported on a range of experiences as a customer of one of 14 Session Border Controller companies evaluated. Each SBC provider is quantitatively rated on 10 Customer Satisfaction Measurements including whether they would recommend their SBC vendor to a friend.....here   

VoIP Phones Customer Satisfaction Report  

More than 2,850 customers weighed in on customer satisfaction with VoIP phone providers. The results are presented in the Eastern Management Group’s report titled VoIP Phones Customer Satisfaction. The report names the Top 10 Leaders℠ in VoIP Phones and also the Best-Of-The-Best℠ VoIP phone vendors.....here   

2019 SIP Trunking Customer Satisfaction Report

29 SIP trunk providers were evaluated for this global report. 3,000 SIP customers judged their vendor on 6 different customer satisfaction measurements.
The 155 report by the Eastern Management Group also includes our model and the Top 10 Leaders (SM) in SIP trunking customer satisfaction.

You can read all about the report and see the 6-page Table of Contents....here

Customer Satisfaction Studies  

Premises and Hosted PBX

SIP Trunking

VoIP Phones

Vendor Customer Satisfaction Reports

TOP 10 Leaders



2020-2027 SIP Market Research Report 

Our latest Global SIP research report is now available. The report called 2020-2027 SIP Global Market 7-Year Forecast and Analysis reflects the largest and most comprehensive SIP research project ever undertaken by Eastern Management Group. It is based on primary research SIP surveys of more than 47,500 IT managers.
Read about the new SIP report....here
Many global businesses with an expansive customer and prospect base, widespread offices, or work from home employees can reap rewards using carrier-grade SIP trunking. 

Read about the new report....here


Sell-To and Sell-Through Tier-1 and 2 Carriers

Eastern Management Group helps hundreds of vendors sell to carriers. Our practice goes farther, assisting companies make large sales to tier 1 and tier 2 carriers.

2020 Hosted PBX Market Study 

Our new report Worldwide Hosted PBX Market 2020-2027 is now available. The 7-Year hosted PBX market study was developed for hosted PBX providers and customers. Years in the making, it’s
400 pages long, and contains more than 90 tables and charts. 
You can read all about the report and see the new 17 page Table of Contents....here

SBC Customer Satisfaction Report  

All 14 Major SBC vendors individually examined by more than 3,000 IT manager customers in the report. 

You can read all about the report and see the 6-page Table of Contents....here

2020-2021 Omnibus Surveys   

Omnibus Surveys is a cloud-based data platform with communications survey data provided by tens of thousands of IT manager customers worldwide. Eastern Management Group subscribers receive access the latest survey questions and answers. More information....here 


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