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VoIP Phones Customer Satisfaction

More than 2,850 customers weighed in on customer satisfaction with their 17 VoIP phone providers. The results are presented in the Eastern Management Group’s 96-page report titled 2017 VoIP Phones Customer Satisfaction. The report names the Top 10 Leaders℠ in VoIP Phones and also the Best-Of-The-Best℠ VoIP phone vendors.....here   

2017 SIP Trunking Customer Satisfaction Report

Thirty-one SIP trunk providers were evaluated for this 2017 global report. Two-thousand SIP customers judged their vendor on 10 different customer satisfaction measurements.
The 166 page report by the Eastern Management Group also includes the Top 10 Leaders (SM) in SIP trunking customer satisfaction for 2017.
Customer Satisfaction  

SIP Trunking
Customer Satisfaction

TOP 10 Leaders

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New SIP Market Reports 

3 new SIP market reports, each with 5-year market forecasts covering 2016-2020, are now available.

The reports are:
  • SIP Trunking Global Market Analysis and Forecast 2016-2020
  • SIP Phones Global Market Analysis Forecast 2016-2020
  • SIP Global Market Analysis and Forecast 2016-2020
Read about the new SIP reports....here


SIP Customer Experience Reports

Every SIP provider must continuously deliver great customer satisfaction. It’s important because vendor-customer relationships must last for years. We surveyed more than 2,000 IT managers and had each of them describe their customer experience with their SIP vendor. Eastern Management Group put this customer satisfaction data into Customer Experience Reports on more than 70 SIP vendors. Read about the Customer Experience reports....here

Shortlisting SIP Trunk Providers

There are numerous SIP trunk vendors. Our survey finds that quite a few have excellent customer satisfaction scores.

Let Eastern Management Group experts help you select the right SIP trunk provider for your company needs. Contact us .....here



Hosted PBX Companies Have Boundless Growth Opportunities

Having the right go-to-market strategy will double or triple annual sales of even the most successful and established UCaaS providers. In other words, companies shouldn’t settle for 20-30% annual sales growth. Eastern Management Group research shows that 100% year over year growth is an achievable target for hosted PBX companies, as we have proven for many of our clients.

While the formulaic process of using indirect marketing to usher leads to a contact center, where deals are closed, has been a good one; the model requires much more for annual sales to double for one, two, or three consecutive years. A go-to-market model should be aggressively supplemented.  

Hosted PBX companies almost always use fewer partners, of different types, less effectively, than is required to maximize sales. This deficit has a breaking-effect on provider revenue. Our research identifies 19 qualified sales channels to make UCaaS sales for providers. We have found that putting the channel mix together, having the optimal number of partners for each channel, and properly using partners can increase sales up to threefold.

The barriers to entry for new hosted PBX providers have now dropped to almost zero. We anticipate a thousand UCaaS companies being in the global market, vying for go-to-market resources. 

We would be glad to discuss our experiences, and your go-to-market strategy and tactics, to help you build your hosted PBX business. Contact us   

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