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About Us - Eastern Management Group
The Eastern Management Group was started by a former AT&T executive in 1979. Following a vision, we built and grew one of the first – if not the first - marketing consulting firms in the communications industry.  Throughout this entire period we have stayed true to our vision.  Today The Eastern Management Group has more than 500 communications clients around the world. We’ve performed more than 2,500 consulting assignments reaching every continent. We've played an important part in shaping an industry that is one of the largest in the world. And we have been recognized for our effort along the way. Fortune Magazine has called us the “Leading Analyst”.


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What We Do

The Eastern Management Group is an American consulting and research company.  Throughout our history The Eastern Management Group has maintained our concentration on global communications technology and markets. And because we know technology products, services, applications, markets, suppliers and customers thoroughly, we are able to conduct exemplary consulting and research assignments to meet our clients' needs.

Eastern Management investigates, measures, analyzes and advises our clients on market behavior, process improvements, and best practices.   Our expertise, industry contacts, database and analytical skills help our clients manage effectively in an ever changing technology environment.

With a database of information built and managed over decades, the data we collect, retain and have available to our analysts and clients is unparalleled.

Our Clients
• Eastern Management has over 500 communications technology clients throughout the world.  We provide marketing consulting and marketing research to more than 100 service providers.

• We have several hundred clients that are communications equipment companies, software companies, and services companies.

• The Eastern Management Group also provides technology support to end users.

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