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About Us - Eastern Management Group
The Eastern Management Group is a global communications industry management consulting firm with offices in New York and Tokyo.

John Malone is CEO and a former AT&T executive.

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John Malone

+1 212-738-9402 Ext. 2201

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John F. Malone

President and CEO

The Eastern Management Group, Inc.


+1 212 738 9402  Ext. 2201


We Are a Leader, and Here's Why

We have been in business for 40 years

We have advised all the world's major communications companies

Fortune Magazine has called our CEO the industry's leading analyst 

What We Do

The Eastern Management Group is an American research and consulting company.  Founded in 1979, we are one of the oldest and most experienced communications technology research firms operating today. Throughout our history, we have maintained a focus on global communications technology and markets. And because we understand technology products, services, applications, markets, suppliers, and customers thoroughly, we perform meaningful assignments to meet clients' needs.

The Eastern Management Group investigates and advises our clients on market behavior and best practices. Our expertise, database, contacts, and analytical skills help companies manage effectively in an ever-changing technology world.

With a database of information built and managed over decades, the data we collect, retain, and have available to our analysts and clients is unparalleled.

Our Clients

The Eastern Management Group has thousands of clients throughout the world, including every major technology company and carrier.

We have performed research and consulting engagements throughout North America, EMEA, LATAM, and APAC. 

Our Leadership

John Malone is President and CEO of The Eastern Management Group


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