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Communications Pricing Database

Communications List Prices, Street prices, Discounts, and Rebates 

Communications technology prices change constantly. Not just prices from the communications provider to the channel and customer, but prices within the channel as well. Communications provider and dealer discounts and rebates play a role. Then there are ever changing pricing promotions that influence the timing and impact of both dealers and end-user transactions.

Competitor prices are simple to get from the Eastern Management Group. Communications Technology Pricing℠ is Eastern Management Group’s subscription-based pricing service.

Prices for millions of communications products, software, services, and cloud solutions are maintained and updated.

We can provide your business with prices, discounts, rebates, and promotions, on-demand, for competitors’ communications products and services.

Call our CEO, John Malone, for a no obligation consultation at +1 212 738 9402 ext. 2201 or jmalone@easternmanagement.com


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