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2020 Research Reports
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Distribution Channels

Competitive Channels Research

Your information technology business wants to understand, in detail, how certain companies drive their services and product sales through channel partners (distributors, single and two-tier distribution partners). This includes benchmarking their best practices in partner recruitment and management.  Getting this knowledge will allow a comparison of other companies’ partner programs, to your own.

Let’s say, at a minimum, the following is representative of the competitive channel information you need for 5-10 information technology vendors: What are the partner programs for services? How are products and services delivered vis-a-vis the vendor and partner? What is the partner discount? What support services are available to partners - such as training, help desk, quantitative/qualitative analytical management tools, and 1-on-1 partner consultation?
The Eastern Management Group’s information technology channel program research analysts will work with you to shape a research project that will deliver what you need, quickly, and cost effectively. We can then complete the primary and secondary research that meets your need.
We would be glad to arrange for a no obligation discussion of our capabilities and your requirements. To arrange a call, please explain your need here.

New Channels outside the USA

You need to establish new distribution channels outside the USA. An example might be countries in EMEA or APAC. Before doing that, however, there is a lot to focus on. You need to determine what is the best offer for each country? How will fulfillment occur? What will be the partners’ role in the value chain? Legal considerations.

Then you need to understand the local competitive landscape. Markets. Routes to market. The partner types and how many to use. Which partners to recruit, and where will they come from? Now it is on to the needs, offers, support, and financial incentives for partners – which will be reflected in the channel partner programs you will be offering in the new country.
You’re not alone when it comes to setting up new information technology channels outside the USA. You need someone who knows the ins and outs of building partner channels in foreign countries. The Eastern Management Group can help. Our channel strategy researchers and consultants have been working with technology companies, and communications companies for decades, helping clients create routes-to-market throughout the world.
We would be glad to arrange a consultation with you to get started. Or if you’re on your way, and just need some research or advice about a market, Eastern Management Group is there to help. Call us at +1 212 738 9402 ext. 2201. Or simply tell us what you need here.

Overly Dependent on Direct Sales for Hosted PBX

Direct sales have a place Direct sales have a place in every vendor’s channel. That may be the largest 10% of your customers. Or the largest 10 or 100 customers. These are large enterprises. But if direct selling, or indirect marketing (contact center) leading to direct selling, accounts for more than 10% of your new business, you may not be getting the most out of your channel strategy.

Since hosted PBX is a relatively new industry, it has grown with heavy dependence on indirect marketing leading to direct selling. That is where most new customers come from today. But it can quickly lead to small margins and annual sales growth capped at 25% or so. Without many benchmarks, this go-to-market approach has fostered a large amount of copy-cat channel strategies.
Channel partners should be the life blood of every hosted PBX company. They should account for 80-90% of all sales.

Hosted PBX Partner Types

Agent or Sub Agent
Born in Cloud
Channel Partner
IT Consultant
Master Agent
Service Provider
Technology Alliance Partner
White Label

New and established hosted PBX companies should be looking at all the channel options that make sense. The Eastern Management Group helps creates channels for some of the world’s largest communications companies. Many of our clients are in the cloud business. 
We would be glad to discuss our channel capabilities and experiences, and your hosted PBX routes-to-market requirements. Call us at +1 212 738 9402 ext. 2201. Or simply tell us what you need here.

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