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Monitor Service for Unified  Communications 

Monitor Service for Unified Communications is a subscription-based report and advisory service from the Eastern Management Group. The focus is on unified communications.

What You’ll Find – Each global report – delivered throughout the year - contains a current and forward-looking market assessment of one or more unified communications products, services, applications, and networks. 

How We Do It – All data is acquired from thousands of primary research surveys, and interviews with service providers, and technology vendors. The Eastern Management Group performs all of the worldwide research. 

To the collected survey data, the Eastern Management Group adds decades of quarterly shipment information, and pricing from our firm’s Monitor database when required.

Our consulting team then creates models from the data and analyzes it to report on each technology comprehensively. 

Technologies – Current and upcoming reports are an examination of the world market for:
     • Hosted PBX
     • SIP
     • IPPBX and Traditional PBX
     • Collaboration and Video
     • Server Virtualization
     • Integrations
     • CPaaS
     • Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) 
     • Managed Services
     • Open Source
     • Services and Equipment Pricing and Promotions
     • Unified Communications
Report Contents – Each report has an exhaustive global examination of total market size, sales by customer size (nine employee size segments), vertical market shipments (20 vertical market segments), sales by region, vendor shipments, and more. Forecasts are five to seven years. Six market research reports come out yearly.

Inquiry Service – We include free unlimited inquiry service to help customers receive full value from the subscription. It’s always available, so you won't have to schedule a callback. You can even reach our CEO John Malone anytime directly at jmalone@easternmanagement.com or 1.212.738.9402 Ext. 2201

One Low Price – We do not charge separate license fees for each “seat” or department that needs the service. There is just an $11,000 price per subscriber company for a yearly subscription to Monitor Service for Unified Communications. There is a $500 discount for credit card payments. We also offer a less expensive half-year subscription. 
Respected – See why Fortune Magazine has called us the leading analyst in this space.



Monitor Service for Unified  Communications 



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Or you can contact our CEO John Malone directly jmalone@easternmanagement.com (+1 212 738 9402 Ext. 2201)


Unequaled Subscription Value
Subject Matter
We specialize in research on communications products, services, applications, and networks

Reports are developed for communications technology companies and service providers
All reports cover the world by region or country, vertical market, and customer size
Because we have no seat  license fees, annual corporate subscriptions are priced at $11,000. Half year subscriptions are less
We make it easy for you to reuse our report data in employee training, customer presentations, and marketing collateral
Primary Research
Each report is based on primary research, modeling, and analysis

Thousands of Surveys
We do thousands of surveys and interviews for each report
Our inquiry service is always available. You can even reach our CEO John Malone directly at 212.738.9402 Ext. 2201

Fortune Magazine has called us the leading analyst in this space

Brochure and Table of Contents

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