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Monitor is Eastern Management Group’s proprietary database of market information.  It has been a building block in Eastern Management syndicated reports and client engagements for more than 30 years.

At its most elemental form Monitor tracks shipments and markets for technology products and services.  From there however Monitor is a tree with offshoots of data valuable to support our clients' sales, marketing and purchase decisions.

Product Data
Most products and services used by enterprises or service providers are tracked by Monitor.  The core technologies around which Monitor is built are switching, routing, security, unified communications, servers, storage, software and wireless.

Market Data
Decisions must be made in real time.  Monitor gives our customers a head start by our maintenance of vast quantities of current data on shipments, forecasts, TAM, prices, marketing programs …. right down to customer satisfaction.  Monitor is a key resource among many used by Eastern Management, which our consultants analyze to drive study findings and recommendations.

Global Data 
Globalization entails knowing and managing to the differences in theaters.  Monitor captures data for every country and analyzes it by theater.  Monitor is not a shrink wrapped product, but rather a semi-custom tool, used in the performance of Eastern Management’s work.

Price Data
Street prices as well as list prices for millions of technology products and services are in our price database.  Our price data is available for every information technology vendor and every region of the world.

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John F. Malone

President and CEO

The Eastern Management Group, Inc.


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