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Monitor Service for Unified Communications
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Omnibus Surveys

Omnibus Surveys is a cloud-based, user-friendly platform with communications survey data from thousands of IT Manager customers worldwide. Access to Omnibus Surveys is available by subscription. 

What You'll Find

Clients can access the Omnibus Surveys database, set customizable, user-friendly filters, sort, compare, and analyze survey data.

We include presentation tools for creating reports.

Work with this year's latest survey or access all Omnibus Surveys going back more than a dozen years to 2008 to see market changes and trends.

The complete database has more than forty-thousand IT manager surveys.  

How We Do It

All data is from Eastern Management Group IT Manager surveys. 

Each year we develop Omnibus Surveys questionnaires which are completed by IT Managers.

Responses are stored on a user-friendly cloud server available to Omnibus Surveys clients.

Uses and Applications

Omnibus Surveys employs a suite of tools designed to help organizations everywhere put their curiosity to work.

Omnibus Surveys deliver answers that make up feedback that drives companies to grow, succeed, and innovate to solve today’s most pressing challenges.

Many subscribers are in product management, sales, and corporate strategy departments.

Omnibus Surveys has many every-day uses for your business:
  • Market analysis
  • Product strategy 
  • Competitive investigation
  • Customer satisfaction 
  • Business case

Omnibus Surveys licenses are available to providers, vendors, and enterprises. All licenses include complete database access by the holder.

For Information about Omnibus Surveys

Call our CEO, John Malone at +1 212 738 9402 ext. 2201 or jmalone@easternmanagement.com

Be sure to ask for our 25-page Omnibus Surveys brochure

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