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Open Source Custom Market Research 

Reliance on proprietary technology does three things for the bottom line. It increases equipment and operating cost; it slows the ability to innovate; and it locks one to the future of a particular vendor, according to Red Hat and others.

Against this backdrop, the vast market for open source today touches everything in communications technology and services. Here are some examples:

PBX Deployment Models – dedicated hardware, cloud, and virtualized PBX software – have embraced open source for 2-decades

SIP Trunks – internet and private connection – are multiplying the number of deployments thanks to open source  

Endpoints - Sales of softphones and desktop appliances soar with the growth of open source 

Service Providers - Tier 1 service providers, have already embraced open source  – and tier 2, and tier 3 service providers are all moving to open source to build agile software defined networks (SDN).  Open source drives down operating and capital expenditures for SPs – and they can get something to market quickly.

Custom open source market research by Eastern Management Group is the tool your company needs to support your business's product and marketing decisions. Our open source practice has been advising vendors and service providers for 2-decades. We back our market assessments with thousands of open source surveys done yearly. And our Monitor℠ database, which we launched in 1979, can provide immediate answers to open source questions like market size and forecast by the customer size, vertical industry market, and country.
Let Eastern Management Group provide you with the custom open source market research your business requires. Contact our CEO John Malone jmalone@easternmanagement.com or a member of our open source consulting team to discuss your requirements here


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