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2020 Research Reports
Monitor Service for Unified  Communications
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Eastern Management Research

Market and Technology Research and Customer Surveys

Eastern Management knows that quality market and technology research is the cornerstone of effective decision making.  Research conducted by Eastern Management research analysts removes uncertainty and lights the path to making right choices.  From the first day we opened shop, four decades ago, and every day since, Eastern Management quality market and technology research has been our brand and our clients’ decision support.  

Eastern Management Group research is built around skilled practitioners with exceptional technology and subject matter background.  Because our focus is research, we develop and conduct studies to meet our clients' needs whatever they may be.

Eastern Management has answered tens of thousands of research questions for our clients concerning all facets of technology and markets.  Responding to Market Research inquiries on subjects such as technology sales, market size, addressable markets and pricing are normal research activities for us.  Equally prevalent are the Customer/Marketing Research engagements Eastern Management performs pertaining to technology market measurement, customer willingness-to-pay and customer satisfaction. 

We survey hundreds of thousands of enterprises, consumers and vendors worldwide to arrive at the specific intelligence needed by our clients.  We have the tools that enable Eastern Management to conduct market research and customer surveying in more than 150 countries.

Whatever your research need may be, talk to us and we will describe our capabilities.

Senior Staff On Demand

Your information Tool

Why Use Our Senior Staff Subscription Service?

The Eastern Management Group offers Senior Staff – a powerful way to provide you with information fast – on demand! Clients have used it for 20 years, and it’s ready to go to work for you today.

The Need

As you are well aware, the information industry is in the midst of an explosion.  Communications embodies over 100 technologies, many of which did not even exist a few years ago.  If ever there was a time to build up your staff, it is now.  Even if staffing budgets were available how many people would you add – 100? – twice that number?  And how long would it take new people to come up to speed?

Welcome to the World of Senior Staff

Manned by The Eastern Management Group’s full staff of researchers and analysts, Senior Staff is an on-demand information and market intelligence resource center.  It is on constant “stand-by” to provide answers to your questions, and to offer expert analysis when you need it.

Many questions can be answered while you’re on the phone.  Most answers can be emailed or telephoned back to you the same day.  If more time is needed, we’ll estimate when you will have the answers you need.

This service is provided on a subscription basis – not for a per-inquiry or time-based fee.  Use it as often as you need within the subscription period.

Senior Staff Fact Sheet


Easy Access – A simple phone call or email puts you in instant contact with a Senior Staff expert to start the process.

Knowledgeable People – With an average of 25 years experience in the communications and Information Technology Industries, they quickly grasp the nature of your request for information.  No need for lengthy explanations.

Timely Response – If your question can be answered during your original phone call, fine.  If not, more than likely you’ll a call back with the answer the same day.  If more time is required to obtain the information, you will be given an indication of the time required to respond to your request.

Analysis – Senior Staff is more than just research.  Of course, if all you need is an answer to your question, we will provide accurate and timely information that hits the mark.

But if, additionally, you want analysis of the information, well, that’s been our business for three decades.


More powerful than secondary research and internet search.  Senior Staff incorporates primary research, interviews, discrete inquiries and analysis.

More Time and Cost Effective than Research Studies - Most research studies require proposal and approval, cost $10 thousand and up, and consume precious time.


Time – Senior Staff answers questions on-demand – quickly, and accurately (90% the same day), including analysis and a written report if needed.

Cost – No budget approval needed for an inquiry.  Reasonably priced subscription with unlimited usage.  You do not pay per inquiry.  You will not receive a bill after the work is done, regardless of your usage.

Reach – Goes way beyond traditional research tools in obtaining the answers you need.

Your Staff and/or Senior Staff
If you have an in-house staff, it can…

Do database and internet searches

Review research reports

Call free Q and A services

Senior Staff compliments those efforts by…

Discussing the issue at length – often involving several consultants on a conference call

Identifying resources to get the information

Making confidential contacts as necessary

Conduct primary research as required

Doing analysis

If you do not have an in-house staff, or if it’s not large enough…

Consider Senior Staff a supplement to your staff – or virtually as the staff itself.

Free Test Drive Offer

Nothing will convince you of the value of Senior Staff the way an actual experience can.

The Eastern Management Group is so certain of this, we make this offer:

We do not want you to subscribe to Senior Staff until you try it out.

We will handle one inquiry just as if you were a subscriber.

There will be no charge for this trial.

If we meet your expectations, you’ll want to become a subscriber.

Tell us about your need and we will have someone contact you with more Senior Staff information here..... 

A Bit of Background

In the three decades since its founding, The Eastern Management Group has become the largest, most accepted organization of its kind, focusing exclusively on worldwide communications.  Though Management Consulting is our primary mission, that function is based on a research capability unequalled in the Communications Industry.

It is this unique expertise and experience in technology research - and its analysis – that allows us to offer such innovative syndicated services as Senior Staff.

Senior Staff is a Service Mark of The Eastern Management Group, Inc.

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