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John F. Malone

President and CEO

The Eastern Management Group, Inc.


+1 212 738 9402  Ext. 2201

Eastern Management Research

Market and Technology Research and Customer Surveys

Eastern Management knows that quality market and technology research is the cornerstone of effective decision making. 

Research conducted by Eastern Management research analysts removes uncertainty and lights the path to making right choices.  From the first day we opened shop, four decades ago, and every day since, Eastern Management quality market and technology research has been our brand and our clients’ decision support.  

Eastern Management Group research is built around skilled practitioners with exceptional technology and subject matter background.  Because our focus is research, we develop and conduct studies to meet our clients' needs whatever they may be.

Eastern Management has solved thousands of research issues for our clients concerning all facets of technology and markets.  Responding to Market Research inquiries on subjects such as technology sales, market size, addressable markets and pricing are normal research activities for us.

We've surveyed hundreds of thousands of enterprises and vendors worldwide to arrive at the specific intelligence needed by our clients. 

We have the tools that enable Eastern Management to conduct market research in more than 150 countries.

Whatever your research need may be, talk to us and we will describe our capabilities.

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