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Technologies A to Z

The Eastern Management Group knows all about technology.  Our consultants know all about leveraging technology to meet the goals of our clients.  We are so good at it that Fortune magazine has named our CEO the “leading analyst”.

Our knowledge of technologies comes together in different frameworks to help different clients with different requirements.


We help enterprises get their arms around IT initiatives.  From the selection of a unified communications platform to the expansion of a data center, Eastern Management is there to provide guidance to the CTO and IT professional.

When it comes to managed services and hosted solutions our consultants know the terrain, from the technologies to the applications to the solutions to the vendors.

Service Providers

Core and access technologies…things like switches, routers, wireless, optical and FTTx go into building the bridges and roads service providers purchase in order to deliver their services.  Whether a SP spends five or 15 percent of their revenue on capex for infrastructure it amounts to a significant investment.  We help SPs use technology to generate revenue.  That may be in several ways.  Choosing the right portfolio of products to sell to SMB and enterprise customers is work Eastern Management has performed for more than 30 years.
Offering managed services is not new to service providers.  However there are new applications such as managed security, managed storage, managed data center and cloud applications that we guide SP’s through.

Technology Companies

We have performed untold numbers of engagements for technology companies helping each one manage product portfolios and distribution.  For dozens of technologies used in enterprises and service providers we provide TAM and forecast market intelligence.  We create strategies for our clients because of our ability to use technology information as part of a solution including other research.

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