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Session Border Controller Customer Satisfaction Report

All Major SBCs Assessed by IT Manager Customers

Session Border Controller Customer Satisfaction is a new Eastern Management Group customer satisfaction report. It contains data analyzed from 3,000 IT managers about their use of SBCs, and critical judgments of their own SBC provider. 14 SBC vendors are individually examined in the 81-page report.

  • Alcatel-Lucent
  • AudioCodes
  • Avaya
  • Cisco
  • Dialogic
  • Edgewater Networks
  • Huawei
  • Ingate Systems
  • Metaswitch
  • Oracle Acme Packet
  • Ribbon Communications
  • Sangoma
  • ZTE
The report has two objectives:
  • Give Session Border Controller vendors substantial customer satisfaction information on themselves and peer companies to use for benchmarking purposes
  • Give IT Managers customer evaluations of the leading Session Border Controller companies, to use in the vendor selection process
The SBC vendor data includes Customer Satisfaction Measurements of:
  • Technology and Product
  • Purchase Experience
  • Reliability
  • Installation
  • Support
  • Management Tools
  • Contact Center Experience
  • Value
  • Overall Satisfaction
  • Recommend to a Friend
The report also includes:
  • Four pages of information on every vendor, with data on each of the 10 SIP Customer Satisfaction Measurements
  • Comparison of each vendor’s 10 customer satisfaction measurements to the industry average
  • List of the Top 10 Leaders℠ for SBCs 
  • Numeric and 4 Star Ratings for each SBC vendor for all Customer Satisfaction Measurements
  • List of the Recommend to a Friend Leaders℠ for SBCs
  • Excel spreadsheets and model with all vendor data 
6-page brochure and table of contents can be viewed here.
The report is called “Session Border Controller Customer Satisfaction” and is priced at USD $900. To purchase the report by name contact us here.

SIP Trunking Customer Satisfaction Report

Introducing Eastern Management Group’s latest SIP trunking customer satisfaction report. This document is an examination of 31 of the world’s most popular SIP trunk providers. All research comes from 2,000 IT manager customer surveys. Each of the 31 SIP trunking vendors are rated by customers on 10 Customer Satisfaction Measurements.
The latest report has more than 166-pages of data and analysis. There are 4-pages of information on each of the 31 SIP trunking vendors. And a Top 10 Leaders℠ list is included.  The report also comes with an Excel spreadsheet so that you can perform your own data analysis.

A brochure and table of contents can be viewed here.
The report is called “SIP Trunking Customer Satisfaction” and is priced at USD $900. To purchase the report by name contact us here.

VoIP Phone Customer Satisfaction Report

More than 2,850 VoIP phone customers were surveyed by the Eastern Management Group for this customer satisfaction report. IT managers reported on their customer experience with 17 VoIP phone companies evaluated. Each VoIP phone provider was quantitatively rated on 10 Customer Satisfaction Measurements.

There are 96-pages of data and analysis in the report. Four pages of customer satisfaction information are presented for each vendor, including companies such as Yealink, Polycom, Grandstream, and Mitel. A Top 10 Leaders℠ list plus a new Best-Of-The-Best℠ list is also featured. The VoIP phone report comes with an Excel spreadsheet so that you can perform your own data analysis. 

A brochure and table of contents can be viewed here.

The report “VoIP Phone Customer Satisfaction” is priced at USD $900. To purchase the report by name contact us here.

Customer Experience Reports

The Eastern Management Group surveyed thousands of IT managers throughout the world. From this research, we developed more than 70 Customer Experience Reports on individual communications companies, covering various technologies. Included are reports on key vendors in business telephone systems such as PBX, hosted UC, cloud, software, networks and CPE.

Our customer experience reports focus on multiple areas of the communication company’s business, to determine how they are viewed by customers.
These tools are a stepping-off point for vendors, to improve operations in key parts of their business. 
Since all of the customer experience information comes directly from the IT manager, it has enormous credibility and value.
Contact us to learn more about any of the dozens of Customer Experience Reports…here
Benchmark Studies

The Eastern Management Group offers 2 types of benchmark studies. One is a custom analysis of a competitor’s business operations. The other is syndicated Performance Benchmark Reports.

Our Performance Benchmark Reports look at one company at a time, within the context of a much larger group of companies. For example, a hosted PBX company may be benchmarked against 20 peers.
Eastern Management Group syndicated Performance Benchmark Reports deliver value to IT managers and vendors. IT managers want timely information to make important purchase decisions. Knowing which provider is best-in-class is important. Performance Benchmark Reports facilitate this decision. Providers use our benchmark reports to identify areas of their business needing improvement, and which competitor is best-in-class in an area.
Our custom benchmark studies are tailored to an individual client's need. They are useful when detailed business operations support is required. The Eastern Management Group has done hundreds of custom benchmark studies for vendors.
Whether your benchmarking needs are for a custom assignment, or a syndicated report, let Eastern Management Group help. For more information, contact us…here
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