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Future of All UC Platforms

What's the future for UCaas, premises, hybrid, and virtualized platforms? The UC industry is ripe for one that changes everything.

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Market Largely Unaffected by COVID 
COVID vanquished entire industries in 2020-2021 while handicapping others. However, what contributed to far lower unemployment than a worst-case scenario was unified communications. UC systems and applications turned work-from-home (WFH) and work-from-anywhere (WFA) into productive time - very valuable time. All in all, 2021 wasn’t a bad year for unified communications sales.


Premises PBX Platform Outsells UCaaS  

For years, unified communications media coverage has focused on UCaaS, ignoring important premises PBX, hybrid cloud, and server-virtualization platforms. 
The popular UCaaS platform captured a third of all new unified communications sales in 2021. However, premises PBX sales upstaged UCaaS by taking a larger market share.

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Unifiied Communications Outlook: 2022 Projections
23% of US workers did so from home last January due to COVID. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which gathered the data, calls it Teleworking.
One might not have predicted that last year would be good for unified communications sales (UC). Why should IT managers spring for a new PBX, premises, or cloud if workers are not in the office?
The thinking was all wrong.

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Unified Communifications Market 2023-2028 

The Eastern Management Group's new report on the 5-year market for Unified Communications is available.
The Unified Communications Market 2023-2028 is the Eastern Management Group's newest published study on the global  market for Unified Communications.
The 143-page report with more than 50 tables and charts is based on Eastern Management Group's proprietary research, analysis, and more than 49,000 customer surveys worldwide.
You can read all about the report and see the Table of Contents

Survey Data

Customer Rated  

Eastern Management Group surveys hundreds of thousands of IT managers yearly to learn about their satisfaction with vendors and communications purchases. 
Dozens of technologies and hundreds of providers are evaluated on customer satisfaction. 

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